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War journal of the Living Room #1

(An exagerated view of living in the living room)
Day 1
I awoke with a stir, the air was stiff, hot. Everyone was gone, they had abandoned me. Perhaps they felt it was time for me to leave the flock. I stood, dressed, the whole deal. Little did I know what creatures they had submitted me to with such an abandonment. There was no food in the home, nothing for me to keep myself alive with, so i've decided that I must venture out into the world, to hunt for my food.

My preparations are complete, i've decided now is the time, wielding only a flimsy shell of aluminum I fear for the worst. It contains some gaseous liquid that I may be able to ingest as a last resort to fend off predators. Pray for my safety.

I've established a base camp in the cave of couch. No predators have appeared thus far, so i'm praying I haven't strayed into their territory. For all I know they're simply out hunting right now. In searching my cave i've found a spot that hopefully only I can fit into to provide much safety to myself. Strangely, I found a waterfall that provides cool, crystal clear water. Let us hope the water lasts long enough for my stay here.

A strange she demon has appeared. Her old age seems to have crippled her, but she still possesses the ability to breath flames, and she seems to be able to kill plantlife by simply touching it. I should try to avoid this beast as much as possible.

A new creature has taken over the domain, banishing the she-demon from the 'Pogo Plains' he's taken claim of "Lay-Z-Boy Mountain" At one point the creature spotted me, but he is far to large to come near me when i'm inside my cave. I imagine knocking the creature onto its back would subdue it permanently.

The new beast appears to have left as well, perhaps to seek his own cave, one that is assuredly much larger then mine, so as to suit his massive gelatin like body. These creatures appear to be nocturnal, this should be manipulated to my advantage.

Day 2
I've been alone in the dark for what feels like ages now, I can feel the insanity creeping in. My shadow is plotting against me, he thinks I don't see him sharpening that knife, getting ready to slit my throat as I sleep, but the jokes on him. I've got my OWN knife that i've been sharpening, and i'll turn the tide on him as soon as he goes to sleep.

I pretended to be sleeping, waiting for him to drop his guard. As soon as my shadow went to sleep I slipped out the knife, and tried to take him down before he could take me down. But it was a trick, he was awake the whole time! The bastard is more clever than I thought he would be, and now he knows about my knife, he'll never put his away now. But that's okay because I don't plan on getting rid of mine either.

My shadow is still watching me, I can't afford to drop my guard. A strange white creature came into my cave earlier, it's quite fuzzy and seems to be a friendly native. I've decided to allow it to remain with me, for now.

1000: I'd finally managed to fall asleep shortly before writing this, but I was awoken by a shriek and a wail in the world outside my cave. A small, blonde haired demon was creating a commotion for attention, I can only pray this isn't a regular occurence, my sanity is slim as it is.

I've been on edge for the past hour, using my knife I fashioned a crude club for hunting purposes. My shadow seems to have done the same... I fear he is plotting to eat me. I can't remain awake any longer, I must take a quick nap and hope to wake up alive. I've requested that the white, furry creature protect me, i'll pray it lives up to my request.
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