Philip (zero_hawk) wrote,

Just got home from the Grand Hotel. It was a really great experience. Even the start where I was just meeting people. Everyone was really friendly, a lot of cracking jokes, I felt really welcome. The drive to get out to Jerome was a tad long. I personally didn't know where Jerome was even, so it was cool to see something like that. We could see the hotel from pretty far away so at first it didn't occur to me how large it was. Needless to say I was pleasantly surprised when we got to it. The place was massive, beautifully furnished. All the decor had this older feel to it, the place was luxuriously decorated. Really, the place was amazing. I really want to go into so much more detail about everything that happened but it'll have to wait. I'm tired, but even more than that I'm just so eager to go through all of the things I recorded for phenomena.

It was so fun, oh my god, I CAN'T wait to do it again.
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