Philip (zero_hawk) wrote,

It's so stupid that I had to make an entry.

So... I go to put on my glasses, screw is loose somehow. Lens pops out and then the screw pops out. So the right side of my glasses are no longer held together to contain the lens. I scramble around my apartment for about an hour trying to figure out what to do and finally I find a blow dart from my blow dart gun. So, I take the blow dart and see if it'll fit through the tiny screw hole, lo and behold, it does! So I end up twisting it around the hole to hold it together. Let me tell ya, that thing was a lot hard to bend like that than I expected. So small that if I didn't grip it just right it'd slip outta my fingers not to mention that I had to clasp the two parts of the glasses together as I did it. So, my glasses are fixed now sorta. But now there is a spike protruding forward from them.


Needless to say, I can't wear them when I go outside but uh... they do the trick at home! I dunno, I still think it's better than wearing spectacles with tape holding them together.
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